The claims must be presented with a maximum of 5 continuous days from the moment of the reception of the guide (packages) by the client (against date registered in the mimercaditogringo.com system). We will not be liable for any reason to pay fines, compensation or reimbursement for lost packages, due to incorrect identification of the customer at the time of making your purchase. We are committed to respond to incidents within a maximum period of 30 days, counted from the receipt of this. The incidents will be processed through the email mimercaditogringo@gmail.com We will not assume responsibility for circumstances beyond our control: Natural disasters. Hurricanes Earthquakes Floods Cyclones, winds and tempest. Ray. Explosion. Fire, unless it was caused by the fact or lack of the carrier. Natural events of catastrophic magnitude. Air or shipping accidents, such as: The fact of public enemies (pirates). The arrest or seizure by sovereign, authorities or peoples or judicial seizure. The quarantine restriction. The act or the omission of the shipper. The strike and interruption in work. Riots or civil disturbances. The rescue. The nature and vice of the merchandise. Insufficient or defective packaging of the cargo, made by a person who is not the carrier or any of its dependents or agents. The insufficiency or imperfection in the marks. Defects in the navigability of the ship that escape due diligence and, in general, for any other cause foreign to the carrier or its dependents. Terrorism. Electrical or magnetic damage. Fission or nuclear fusion. Ionizing radiation or radioactive contamination. War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities or war operations (declared or not). War of Guerrilla, civil war, military power or usurpation of power. Martial Law or state of siege. General Strikes (legal or not). Prohibition of Importation or Act of the public authority executed in relation to the entry, exit or transit of cargo. If the transport of a shipment comprises a final destination or stops in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Agreement may be applied for the purposes of this contract, this agreement governs in most cases, additionally limits our liability for losses or damage to the shipment